Anatomy of the Deep State’s Cloaked Take-Down of the President

Tom Bauerle has written an open letter to Donald Trump, warning him that invisible “cloaking” technology may be threatening his presidency and his personal safety.

The popular WBEN talk show host long has claimed to be a victim of invisible surveillance devices in his Williamsville backyard and now appears to be now ramping up his charges in a letter on a conservative Canadian website.

“Cloaking”, Mr. President.  That’s how those working 24-7 to bring you down are doing it, in my experienced opinion.

Cloaking is a little known surveillance technology that allows someone to be a stone’s throw away from you,  without your ever being able to see them or even be aware of it.

I know because it happened to me, and I’m risking my job and perhaps even my life by giving you this heads up.

They smeared me as “crazy” when I discovered I was being spied on right from my own backyard, neighborhood, my girlfriend’s house and possibly everywhere. They smear you as unstable and unfit for office for saying you were “wiretapped”.

It all boils down to the same thing in the end.  With surveillance as backup, they can now shoehorn you into  any narrative they want to destroy your credibility: ’The president’s a Russian colluder’.  ‘Buffalo radio man Tom Bauerle’s batsh**crazy.’

We have spoken via telephone a few times before your election to the presidency, and I was honored that you invited me backstage to attend your upcoming rally in Buffalo, NY.

And I was humbled that when you learned I wasn’t there, you actually asked Secret Service agents to track me down in Buffalo so I could hang out with you.

Unfortunately, I had obligations in Port Chester, so I was unable to attend the Buffalo rally.

A personal matter needed attention downstate, and  I’d scored front row seats to Steely Dan, directly in front of Donald Fagen.  I love their music like you love Neil Young’s.

But given the totality of circumstances,  I could not attend your Buffalo rally despite your thoughtful offer and consideration.